About Us

About Us as a renewable energy company

LA Solar founded in 2019, is an Armenian company producing solar modules. The company's choice is the Swiss Meyer Burger system, one of the best in the world. This system is being used in the manufacturing of modern generator equipment developed by the Swiss company Meyer Burger. The solar modules of the plant pass the most important stages of quality control before arriving at the consumer and meet the quality standards of the USA and Europe. Thanks to the latest technologies used in the Solar field, LA Solar panels absorb several times more sunlight than panels produced by other technologies.

About our solar company

The mission of the Company is to raise public awareness of the benefits of solar energy in the local market. In addition, La Solar strives to become one of the best manufacturers in the global market.

About Us as a solar panel manufacturer

La Solar is the operator of a non-tax zone in the Eurasian Economic Union.
The production capacity of the plant is 350 MW.

Why do we continue to provide solar energy?

Solar panels continue to produce electricity even in bad weather conditions. This is one of the main advantages of panels. Solar panels installed by LA Solar can be found almost everywhere in the USA, and Armenia today, and everyone can easily find full information about renewable energy companies and solar panel manufacturers. Customers who use our products and continue to trust us can testify to our company, which produces solar panels. Well, the best indicator of a solar panel manufacturing company is trust.

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Our mission

Manufacturing premium solar modules corresponding

to internationally established quality standards, 

LA Solar helps businesses working in the

solar system production sphere to produce

contemporary and unique products. We will help you

become the most desirable partners and the most trustworthy

suppliers for your consumers.

Our vision

By providing the finest and most innovative solutions

for solar energy, we aim to contribute,

promote and grow in the global renewable energy sector.

Our Strategy

LA SOLAR's strategy is based on the principle of balancing economic, ecological and social components. Our company takes its strategy in such a direction of development, which provides an opportunity to ensure improvement of product quality, professional skills and increase of productivity.

With a sustainable business development program, we strive for brand recognition, acquisition of new customers and the formation of a positive company reputation. The entire production process includes the management of a number of company systems and human resources, the use of the latest technologies, which ensure the development dynamics of LA SOLAR.

One of our goals is to improve the methods of receiving and using solar energy, to transform energy resources, to create a stable and reliable future by offering the consumer efficient and profitable solar solutions.

Our Team

The important path to success is the company's team. Work potential increases when resources are combined and the joint desire to achieve results.

LA SOLAR is guided by the principle of encouraging its teammates, working discipline, and willingness to help each other, which guarantees the stable development of our company.

LA SOLAR, with its engineering team of high-quality professionals, does its best to continuously improve product quality and improve professional capabilities. The use of the latest technologies in the field of solar systems, in turn, aims to satisfy the consumer, guaranteeing the high quality and durability of the product.