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LA Solar works with the fully automated production technology of Smartwire connections of the popular Swiss company Meyer Burger, which ensures high efficiency of solar systems and environmentally friendly production solutions.

  • Cutting technology (thermal laser cutting technology)
  • Low probability of breakdown. less than 0.05%
  • Includes modules with power up to 670 W with solar efficiency of ~ 21.6% both in standard and separate technology.
  • Visual detection systems. a 20-megapixel industrial CCD camera can detect NG cells and perform self-correction. Fully automated email tester - 12 cameras

Our equipment

  • Accepts solar modules with a capacity of up to 450 W with an efficiency of ~ 20.5%.
  • Testing is carried out using a cell sorter.
  • Produces glass with a thickness of 4 mm (anti-glare, heat-resistant)

The steps required to run the streamline are

Competitive advantage

  • Quality

    LA Solar uses only premium materials and equipment. Every product undergoes internationally recognized quality certification testing. We constantly update our machinery with the latest innovative technologies and train our technical personnel to control and maintain it. LA Solar solar modules correspond to all eco-friendly regulations.

  • Certification

    Our products have three crucial certifications that cover all the safety, health, and environmental requirements (ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001).

  • Warranty

    LA Solar products fully comply with standards for renewable energy sources. All our modules come with a long-term warranty. The conventional capacity of solar modules is not less than 90% for 12 years and not less than 80% for 25 years. LA Solar is your partner for a long-term journey to the clean and green world of trust, and support.

  • Pricing

    Get our PV modules at more competitive prices compared to those in Europe and the USA.

  • Quantity

    Through its high production capacity, LA Solar can offer an unlimited supply to its clients and extremely attractive deals to its partners.