PERC Technology


PERC Cell is considered one of the best technologies in the industry to produce solar panels with exceptional quality and competitive prices. It enables you to get up to 100% efficiency. Perc solar panels are the most popular models in the field of green energy technologies.


Half-cut cell technology uses an infra-red laser to split the cell into two separate sections, reducing the operating current. As a result, heat losses are significantly reduced and module power is increased by 2%, improving panel productivity.

Lower Hot Spot Temperature

Renewable energy technology makes the world more convenient and life more energy efficient. The hot spot phenomenon leads to a localized decrease in efficiency, which leads to attenuation of the output power. Some parts of the panel, appearing in the shade, can cause an increase in temperature in other parts of the system. A sudden increase in the temperature of the hot spot can lead to irreversible degradation of the panel.