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Solar Panels LS430-450HC

Solar panels LS430-450 half-cut models differ from ordinary, standard panels in their appearance. The income from solar energy will lead to significant cost savings in generating and supplying electricity to the panels. The 30-year warranty on solar panels ensures the panel against many technical factors and malfunctions.



  • High Efficiency: Solar panels have an efficiency advantage over traditional full-cell panels.
  • Shade Tolerance: Due to their design, these solar cells continue to operate in shaded conditions.
  • Low-temperature Coefficient: Compared to standard panels, these panels have a lower temperature coefficient.
  • Longevity: Detachable cells reduce the likelihood of microcracks in the panels.
  • Reducing Losses: Full cell panels may have some energy loss due to cell mismatch when cells with different characteristics are connected.
  • Appearance and Design: These solar panels are often more aesthetically pleasing than traditional panels.
  • High voltage potential: The split design allows elements to be connected in series more efficiently, which can provide higher output voltages, tailoring them to specific system configurations.

Be sure to check the specific details and features of the LS430-450HC split model before making your decision. When choosing any solar panel model, it is important to consider its characteristics, power, efficiency, warranty, and manufacturer benefits. Also, consider getting quotes and advice from local solar installers who can make recommendations based on your specific location, energy needs, and budget.


Mechanical parameters

Cell Type

Mono Perc (6.5x3.3 in)

Number of Cells

144 (6x12+6x12)


52.9 Ibs (24.0kg)


83x41.25.1.57 in

Max Load

5400 Pascals

Junction Box




Wire Type

compatible PV wire

Fire Performance

Type 1

Protection Class

Class II (Classified as per IEC 61140)


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