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Solar Roof

The Solar Roof Module appears to be a promising option for the full utilization of renewable and clean energy. This module can maximize productivity, is designed to stand alone in the solar field, and serves as a roof, and the income from solar energy covers a significant portion of your costs, making it a worthwhile investment.



  • Appearance and Design: The integration of the Solar Roof Module into the overall design of the roof enhances the aesthetic appeal of homes, catering to both traditional and modern architectural styles. This ensures that solar energy solutions can be seamlessly incorporated into various types of buildings without compromising their visual appeal.
  • Maximized Solar Production: Leveraging advanced technology, the Solar Roof Module is designed to maximize solar production by efficiently absorbing and converting sunlight into electricity at optimal speed.
  • Independence: By generating their electricity, homeowners gain independence from the grid. This means having a reliable power source even during grid outages, providing peace of mind, and ensuring uninterrupted access to electricity when needed.
  • Weather Resistance: The Solar Roof module is built to withstand various weather conditions, including heavy rain, high winds, and hail.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: This feature allows homeowners to track their energy production and consumption in real time. This level of visibility empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy usage and optimize their solar installations for maximum efficiency.

When choosing a Solar Roof, it is also important to consider manufacturer benefits, warranty conditions, customer reviews, and special installation specifications.


Mechanical parameters

Cell Type

Monocrystalline silicon cells


42.99 Ibs (19.5 kg)


34.25x34.25 in

Max Load

5400 Pascals

Junction Box




Wire Type

compatible PV wire

Fire Performance

Type 1

Protection Class

Class II (Classified as per IEC 61730)


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