The worldwide solar market is continuously growing, and new trends are quickly becoming mainstream. Half-cell technology was a revolution in the solar game. According to statistics, there will be an increase in the half-cell solar module market share to 40% by 2028.  To make everything clear, let's discover what it is and find out the benefits it provides.

What is it?

Half-cell solar panels are exactly what their name suggests – traditional solar cells that have been cut in half with a laser cutter. In contrast to the standard modules, which contain 60 or 72 cells, a half-cell module doubles the number of cells to 120 or 144 cells per module. It has the same size as a standard cell module but with half-cut cells. The technology of doubling cells creates more opportunities to grab solar energy from the sunlight and send it into the inverter.

Advantages of half-cell solar modules

Using half-cut cells in photovoltaic solar panels can increase solar energy output.
Compared to traditional solar panels, a half-cut solar module provides many benefits. Let’s outline some of the most important.

  • Superior performance

Half-cut cells can help solar modules to perform better by improving efficiency, thereby boosting energy output. They accomplish this in the following ways:

Solar module characteristics

Resistive loss reduction

In conventional solar cells, the electrical current transport causes some power loss during the conversion of sunlight to electricity. Resistive losses are minimized due to the lower current flowing through the solar module.

Improved low-light performance

Shade and low-light conditions have no impact on half-cut cell photovoltaic solar modules, compared to traditional solar panels. The main reason is a minor variation in the wiring system of half-cell solar modules.
Half-cut solar cells are connected in sequence, much like normal solar cells. They have doubled cells and cell rows. However, if a single row of the module shades is, the solar panel loses less power since only a sixth of the total module energy production is affected.

  • Durability

In addition to having a higher energy output, half-cell modules are more reliable due to their long-life performance. They are less sensitive to micro-cracks thanks to their compact design.
With these advantages, property owners who select half-cell modules could see a faster return on investment. They are a far more realistic choice in areas where space is restricted, and shade or low light conditions are an issue.
LA Solar delivers half-cell modules with the most rigorous certifications and the strongest guarantees in the market. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment throughout the production process. Each of produced modules is certified according to international standards and undergoes numerous examinations. Our company guarantees the superior quality of half-cell modules and provides a 25-year warranty for efficiency.

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