Profitable houses with solar panels

Solar energy is becoming more and more profitable to use as a source of renewable energy. It is an unlimited source of energy that we get from the sun and that can be converted into electrical energy using solar panels.

It is best to first understand the benefits of adopting solar energy at home before installing solar panels. You might question if installing solar panels will reduce the value of your home one day, or you might think it would be a great idea to sell a house with them.

Solar energy is completely free of polluting residues. Gas, oil, and coal are polluting sources that cause environmental problems on a scale such as climate change.

If we are going to use solar energy at home, we need to know what the advantages are. By the way, you can also sell your PV system separately.

  • You'll save on your electricity bill first – solar energy production is completely free and tax-free, unlimited.
  • You will have independence from electricity price fluctuations.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will decrease.
  • The initial investment is higher but you can recover this investment over the years.
  • Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the safest.

There are many solar panel installation companies in Armenia that present themselves to customers with their offers. The LA Solar company entered the Armenian market with quality products as a solar panel manufacturer, from whose offers you can choose the most profitable one.

The transformation of energy takes place thanks to the photovoltaic effect. We need alternative electrical energy. Therefore, we need a power converter and an inverter. The energy passes through the current inverter, and the frequency of its intensity is adjusted, transforming into alternating current. This current can be used for domestic use. Once we have this energy, we will use whatever we need for our own consumption. Well, we can store excess energy with batteries. So we can use this type of stored energy when the sun's radiation is not enough to power the solar panels, or at night.

Typically, the useful life of a solar panel is approximately 25 years. The initial investment is recovered after 10-15 years depending on their quality.

  • Solar cells are responsible for producing the sun's energy in the form of electrical energy. If the area where we live has more solar radiation, we can convert more energy.
  • The power inverter is responsible for enabling the continuous power converted by the solar panels to be activated so that it can be useful for alternating current home use.
  • Solar panels They are responsible for storing excellent solar energy. They will have a longer useful life and a lower discharge depth.

In order to get an idea of ​​how much money you will be able to save in terms of utility costs, we present an approximate calculation.

Small private house - 4 people - 3 kW system - annual savings of approximately 190,000 AMD

Average private house - 4-6 people - 5 kW system - annual savings of approximately 320,000 AMD

Large private house - 6+ people - 10 kW system - saving approximately AMD 650,000

Usually, solar panels are installed on the roofs of houses or townhouses to avoid the projection of shadows as well as to prevent damage and waste accumulation. Buying a house with solar panels means being informed about their operation, efficiency, and maintenance. Contact us, and you will get answers to your questions.

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