What makes a solar photovoltaic (PV) system so valuable? Simple – production. High-quality production is the most valuable investment.

How to get the maximum efficiency of the solar system?

Our experienced engineers recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • Location/Climate
  • The weather
  • The azimuth angle of the solar system
  • Shadows and other obstacles
  • The size and efficiency of the solar panel
  • Annual degradation of the solar system

In today's manufacturing environment change has become a constant. Modern systems need to adapt quickly to markets, technologies, and current requirements. This field is undergoing enormous changes, that are connected with the automation of production, process control, and the rapid development of information technologies.

Variant-oriented assembly systems have been developed to achieve more flexibility and adaptability to increase product variants and scale production.

A question can occur why invest in such a dynamically growing market? Here a lot of R&D investment is taking place, and the manufacturing equipment is becoming old daily. The answer is simple: our manufacturing techniques are made adaptable to changes. Solar cell and panel manufacturing systems have more than ten different parts which produce solar cells by doing their work in sequence. In other words, short-term and mid-term innovations can take place on one part of the equipment, and the manufacturing business can easily change this old part with the new innovative part without replacing the whole technology.

We secured ourselves, and we are ready to take on any challenge of technological innovations. Our customers can be sure that we will always provide high-quality service and modules of the last generation.

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