If you are interested in going solar, at some point you might have wondered whether it’s possible or not to go completely green using solar energy. To find that out, firstly you need to learn about various types of solar systems and compare their pros and cons.

What Are The Types of Solar Systems?

There are three main types of solar systems, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. 

On-grid solar systems provide you with the option to stay attached to the electricity grid when your solar panels are not producing energy. It means that you can have around-the-clock electricity, even when the sun isn't out. It implies that when your panels produce more energy than is needed for your consumption, you can send it to the grid and have your electricity bill lowered by it. In states where the grid's electricity is mostly generated by renewable energy sources, this is a great option to stay green! California’s grid operator offers tax credits that you can implement as well.

Off-grid solar systems work with a battery bank. So, instead of sending or drawing energy from the grid, you can store your excess energy in your battery bank to use during the hours that your panels are not producing power. It is a great option, and it also helps to avoid rolling blackouts in LA since on-grid panels cannot produce power when the grid is not functional. That is because of the danger factor. When the grid is down, workers are trying to get it up and running again. Producing solar power with an on-grid system during construction can cause damage. 

Hybrid solar systems are the best of both worlds. It is prevalent since it gives you the option of storing solar energy in cases where there is a weather impact on the LA power grid and drawing it from the grid. Most people use their hybrid system like an on-grid system. They fill up their batteries in case of a grid shutdown and draw from the grid at night. It is an excellent option for people living in states where there are often electricity outages.

What Is The Greenest Option For a Solar System?

Depending on the state that you are in, you can decide which is the best type of system to pick. That's one of the benefits of going solar in Los Angeles. Most of these options are green for you! The most environmentally friendly option is off-grid systems since they don't use any power from the grid where a percentage of the power comes from non-renewable sources. Considering that they are both environmentally friendly, you can also consider the price difference. Batteries are not cheap, however, thanks to innovations, they will become more affordable over time. Going wholly green in the US is a possibility in the future. Considering that we are on our way there, it may be a reality by 2050!


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