In recent years, more and more businesses and private homes in Armenia have switched to solar energy. Today, blue polycrystalline solar panels (solar panels types) are the most popular in the local and world market. It is no secret that when choosing a solar system, preference is given to the efficiency and durability of the panels - the more powerful the system, the greater the savings.

However, sometimes it is also important to take into account the appearance of the solar system. 

Black and blue panels. Main characteristics

The relatively affordable price of blue panels is caused by a simpler production process and lower installation costs. In addition, one of the advantages of polycrystalline solar panels is the absence of environmentally harmful waste during production.

Black solar panels are mostly monocrystalline, rarely thin-film. Unlike polycrystalline solar panels, the price of black panels is higher due to the high quality of silicone used, production process waste and consumption of silicon.

The outer PV layer and the framing of the monocrystalline panels are entirely black, unlike the "traditional" blue panels, the marked areas of which are white.

Advantages of black solar panels

1. Black solar panels are more energy efficient

Made of single silicon, monocrystalline black panels absorb several times more energy. It turns out that fewer monocrystalline panels are required to generate energy than producing the same amount of energy with polycrystalline panels.

2. Stable operation in cloudy weather

Even in cloudy weather, black solar panels do not stop absorbing light, providing a house or a building with constant electricity.

3. Durability

Compared with polycrystalline panels, monocrystalline panels are more durable. A number of global manufacturers guarantee 25 years of operation of their panels. LA Solar Factory gives a 25-year guarantee of uninterrupted operation of its products in Armenia.

Monocrystalline black panels in Armenia

The demand for the solar system in Armenia is growing every day. Solar systems from the world's leading companies are represented on the market.

Armenian consumers will soon be able to purchase locally produced monocrystalline black panels as well. Being the first local manufacturer of monocrystalline panels in Armenia, LA Solar Factory offers its consumers the most efficient solar panels in the field of solar energy.

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