Solar Panels Certification

You've probably passed by a lot of UL-marked products at a shopping center without even realizing it. But what this symbol indicates? The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent organization that certifies the safety of products. The UL certification approves that the product has been evaluated, tested, and passed the test for being safe when installed. You can be confident that the UL certification is a reliable indicator of electrical system safety and durability.

Until PV modules can be sold or used in renewable energy funding schemes, they must follow several requirements and international standards, such as ISO, UL, EAC, CE, etc. LA Solar passed three essential ISO family certificates that are responsible for safety, health, and environmental management. From now on we kindly inform you that we have successfully passed one more essential testing - the UL certification and all of the produced products are reliable and efficient.

Demonstrating the quality of produced products is crucial not only for the industry but for clients. 

LA Solar and its products are certified by independent third-party bodies and meet all international standards and specifications.

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